The Psalter Project

Mike Lantowski and I have teamed up to write a brand new psalter – the entire Responsorial Psalm cycle –  beginning with Advent Year C (2015). Please feel free to download and use – all we ask is that you please let us know if you use any of these settings. (And if you are able – send us some monetary love with the donate link below! Secure and easy with PayPal. Any amount helps!)

*Update 3/6/2017: Since we are starting to get in to repeated instances of psalms, we will continue to write new versions so that you have the option of a Cooney or a Lantowski setting indicated by “(C)” or “(L).”

If you would like a Grail translation of these psalms, please contact us. Because of copyright protections, we cannot publish them here.

Click here for Feasts, Solemnities, Holy Days, and (ABC) Masses


Advent A (2016)

Christmas (2016)

Ordinary Time (A)

Lent A

Easter A


Advent (2015)

Christmas (2015)

Ordinary Time (C)

Lent (C)



Feasts, Solemnities, Holy Days, and (ABC) Masses